Interactive module "Plant reproduction and dispersal"

With pleasure we announce the program “Plant reproduction and dispersal – an interactive course” made by Prof. Dr. Michiel Willemse and Dr. André van Lammeren and published by Wageningen University, Laboratory of Cell Biology, The Netherlands, 2019. It is available as an open access source and compatible with Windows.

The development of plant reproduction and dispersal in water and land is the main outline of the program. Subjects covered are the reproduction process and plant dispersal on the groups of algae, mosses, ferns and seedplants.

Keywords are Algae, Mosses, Ferns, Seedferns, Gymnosperms, Angiosperms, Gamete Induction, Gametogenesis, Pollination, Fertilization, Dispersal, Embryogenesis, Life Cycle and Origin and history. The program includes a glossary with index.

The interactive e-module can be found in our "Education links" section or clicking here, select “Go to other” to find the “Read me.txt” and the ZIP file. It can be downloaded for free and unzipped on a computer.