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​Newsletter and Social Networks​


  • Plant Reproduction Newsletter (PRNL)

PRNL is released once a year to inform IASPRR members about future scientific events, meeting reports and scientific breakthroughs as well as some lines about members who have retired or about lab life of the research groups that conform IASPRR. Other kind of contributions or suggestions are welcome as long as they are related to sexual plant reproduction field or could be interesting for the IASPRR community members.

Contributions or suggestions about the PRNL should be sent to the newsletter editor.

Please note that the newsletter is mailed exclusively to IASPRR members and is only available online following "Member login". 


Newsletter Editor

Daphne Goring

Department of Cell and Systems Biology
University of Toronto

Toronto M5S 3B2

E-mail: d.goring@utoronto.ca

  • Social Networks

To maximise global reach, IASPRR operates two parallel accounts: Twitter and WeChat. 

With more than 600 followers

 Many thanks to all of you!!

Through these social media channels the users will receive information about newly released papers, workshops, courses and other activities related to the field of plant reproduction. Also you can use this „meeting point“ to share a peek into your lab life (e.g your most stunning research pictures, career advice and other interesting material related to sexual plant reproduction).

Additionally, if you have new positions available in your lab and want to spread this information in these accounts, just tweet your offer with our @iasprr #PlantReproJobs and all offers for PhD, post-docs and group leaders related to our field will be there. In case you do not have yet an account, you can also contact the webmaster to spread your offer in our social networks.


Webmaster and Social Network Manager

María Flores-Tornero

Department of Cell Biology and Plant Biochemistry 
University of Regensburg

93051 Regensburg

E-mail: maria.flores@itqb.unl.pt


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