Preliminary Program

Tuesday, July 9

1900 - Welcoming Reception

Wednesday, July 10
900 - 945 Opening

Oral Presentations

Session 1

Sexual Reproduction and Flower Development

Chairman: Romana CZAPIK

945 - 1015 Michiel T. M. WILLEMSE

Plant sexual reproduction: aspects of interaction, history and regulation 1015 - 1030 Margaret A. WHEELER, Ian Colquhoun, Jen A. McComb The use of paclobutrazol in promoting precocious flowering and dwarfing in Eucalyptus marginata 1030 - 1045 Yu-Jin Hao, Dong-Hui Wang, Yi-Ben Peng, Zhi-Hong Xu, Yi-Qin Li, Shunong BAI DNA fragmentation in early primordial anther is closely correlated with the stamen arrest during female flower development in cucumber (Cucumis sativa L.) 1045 - 1115 Coffee Break

Session 2

Male Gametophyte

Chairman: Michiel T. M. WILLEMSE

1115 - 1145 Mauro CRESTI, Giampiero Cai

Cytoskeleton and cytoplasmic motility in the pollen tube 1145 - 1200 Nassera Aouali, Christophe CLÉMENT
Pectin in the anther of Lilium: efficient collaboration between the tapetum and the developing pollen grain
1200 - 1215 Rui MALHÓ, David Monteiro, Cláudia Rato, Peter Hepler The role of calmodulin and cAMP in pollen tube reorientation 1215 - 1230 Z. L. Shang, Y. Y. Pan, L. G. Ma, Y. Sun, Daye Y. SUN Involvement of PLC and Ca2+ in signal transduction of apoplastic calmodulin in pollen germination and tube growth 1230 - 1245 Lynley STONE, Jen McComb, Kevin Seaton Explosive pollen tube growth in Conospermum species ************ Lunch

Session 3

Male Gametophyte

Chairman: Mauro CRESTI

1500 - 1515 Gabriella Bergamini Mulcahy, H. F. Linskens, David L. MULCAHY

Delayed pollen germination in the longest stamens of tristylous Lythrum salicaria 1515 - 1530 Marisa S. OTEGUI, L. Andrew Staehelin 3D tomographic analysis of cytokinesis associated with tetrad formation during pollen development in Arabidopsis 1530 - 1545 Wei Zhou, Xi-zhen Liu, Hiroyuki Takeda, Naoki Nakagawa, Jian Huang, Naoki Sakurai, Yi-qin LI cDNA cloning and expression of B-D-glucanases: role of glucanases in growth regulation of Lilium longiflorum pollen tubes 1545 - 1600 Massimo NEPI, Henk van As, Tom Scheenen, Christian J. Keijzer, Ettore Pacini The late stages of Cucurbita pepo anther development: strategies to control pollen water content 1600 - 1615 Shafiq REHMAN, Kui Jae Lee A possible role of potassium in rapid swelling of pollen 1615 - 1630Ying SUN, D. L. Liu, Z. Q. Yu, Q. Zhang, J. Bai, D. Y. Sun An apoplastic mechanism of promotion effects of Lanthanum at lower concentration 1630 - 1645 Maria GRILLI CAIOLA, Antonella Canini CytochemicaI, ESI and EELS detection of Hermodactylus pollen reserves 1645 - 1715 Coffee Break

Session 4

Male Gametophyte

Chairman: David L. MULCAHY

1715 - 1730 Abdolkarm H. CHEHREGANI, A. Majde, M. Golami, S. M Shariatzade

Effect of air pollution on some cytogenetic characteristics, viability and pollen proteins in Zinnia elegans L. 1730 - 1745 Farkhondeh REZANEJAD, A. Majd, S.M. Shariatzade Effect of air pollution on water soluble proteins, structure and cellular material release in Lagerstromia indica L. (Lythraceae) 1745 - 1800 Anna MAJEWSKA-SAWKA, Maria Carmen Fernandez, Mohammed M‘Rani-Alaoui, Agnieszka Münster, Maria Isabel Rodriguez-Garcia Pollen tube protoplasts of olive (Olea europaea L.): immunocytochemical characterization of regenerating cell wall 1800 Coffee Break

1800 - 1900 IASPRR Executive Board Meeting

1900 Dinner

Thursday, July 11

Session 5

Distant Pollination and Incompatibility


830 - 900 Maciej ZENKTELER

About some experimental studies on distant in vivo and in vitro pollination of pistils and ovules
900 - 915 Simon HISCOCK, Stephanie McInnis, Catherine Henderson, David Tabah, Adrian Brennan
Molecular studies of sporophytic self-incompatibility in Senecio squalidus (Asteraceae)
915 - 930 Martin GOLDWAY, Raphael A. Stern, Doron Schneider, Avi Matiyahu, Dan Eisikowitch
The gamethophitic self-incompatibility system in the apple orchard: Horticultural aspects
930 - 945 C. T. Otsu, L. R. Silva, G. H. Goldman, Maria H. S. GOLDMAN Analysis of transgenic tobacco plants carrying the NtSAT1 promoter-GUS fusion 945 - 1000 Mengxiang SUN, Fang Kefeng, Hongyuan Yang, Alessandra Moscatelli, Mauro Cresti, Horst Lörz, Erhard Kranz The distribution of lectin receptors on the surface of sexual cells in higher plants 1000 - 1015 Lidia KOVALEVA, Ekaterina Zakharova, Victor Rakitin Hormonal balance in Petunia pollen - pistil system during compatible pollination 1015 - 1045 Coffee Break

Session 6

Female Gametophyte

Chairman: Maciej ZENKTELER

1045 - 1100 Elisabeth MATTHYS-ROCHON, Magnard Jean-Louis, Audran Arthur, Agnès Massonneau

Active molecules in maize embryogenesis 1100 - 1115 Andrej KORMU?ÁK, Terézia Salaj, Radoslava Matúšová, Božena Vooková
Biochemistry of zygotic and somatic embryogenesis in silver fir (Abies alba Mill.)
1115 - 1130 Mohamed El Maâtaoui, Christian PICHOT Abnormal differentiation of the female reproductive structures in the endangered conifer Cupressus dupreziana A. Camus 1130 - 1245 Sabine GUBATZ 3 d modelling of defined steps in barley seed development 1245 - 1300 Amada Pulido, Alberto Hernando, Enrique Méndez, Adela OLMEDILLA Different patterns of prolamin accumulation during seed development in wheat and barley 1300 - 1315Mohamed El MAÂTAOUI, Bernard E. Vaissière Nuclear polymorphism in the syncytial endosperm of onion (Allium cepa L.) 1315 - 1330 Jerzy BOHDANOWICZ
Development and ultrastructure of helobial endosperm in Alismataceae
************ Lunch

Session 7

Female Gametophyte

Chairman: Elisabeth MATTHYS-ROCHON

1500 - 1515 Anna PRET'OVÁ, Obert Bohus

Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.): System to study embryogenesis 1515 - 1530 Stefan SCHOLTEN, Yoichiro Hoshino, Horst Lörz, Erhard Kranz Comparative molecular characterization of egg and central cells in maize 1530 - 1545 Zsolt PÓNYA, Beáta Barnabás Studying egg activation in isolated and in vitro fertilised wheat egg cells   1545 - 1600 Tetsuya HIGASHIYAMA, Shizu Yabe, Narie Sasaki, Yoshiki Nishimura, Shin-ya Miyagishima, Haruko Kuroiwa, Tsuneyoshi Kuroiwa The synergid cell attracts the pollen tube 1600 - 1615 Ahmad SARRAFI Genetic control for embryo and haploid production and the use of haploid structures in genetic transformation in wheats 1615 - 1645 Coffee Break

Session 8

Embryogenesis in vivo and in vitro

Chairman: Anna PRET'OVÁ

1645 - 1700 Carmen RAMÍREZ, B. Chiancone, P. Testillano, M. A. Germanà, M. C. Risueño

Characterisation of microspore embryogenesis in anther culture of Citrus 1700 - 1715 Vladan OND?EJ, Božena Navrátilová, Aleš Lebeda Role of the growth regulators in cucumber zygotic embryogenesis 1715 - 1745 Tatyana BATYGINA Periodization in the development of flowering plant reproductive structures 1745 Coffee Break

1745 - 1845 Poster Sesion 1

1845 - 1945 IASPRR General Assembly Meeting

2000 Dinner (Castle)

Friday, July 12

Session 9

Ovule, Seed and Fruit Development

Chairman: Tatyana BATYGINA

830 - 845 Ivan SHAMROV, Galina Anisimova

Critical stages accompanying the ovule and seed development 845 - 900 Irene OLIMPIERI, Riccardo Caccia, Francesca Siligato, Gian Piero Soressi, Andrea Mazzucato Expression analysis of gibberellin-related genes during fruit set of pollinated and parthenocarpic tomato ovaries 900 - 915 Renata ?NIE?KO, Barbara Chudzik Common features of ovule development during the late progamic phase in plants representing different families: Amarilidaceae, Liliaceae, Brassicaceae, Oenotheraceae 915 - 930 Simone de F. MARASCHIN, Jeanine D. Louwerse, Gerda E. M. Lamers, B. Sylvia de Pater, Herman P. Spaink, Mei Wang 14-3-3 isoforms and pattern formation during barley microspore embryogenesis 930 - 945 Birgit Schwier, Angelika Schroder, Heide-Marie Poggemann, Janos Pauk, Sven Bode Andersen, Jens WEYEN On the way toward an efficient doubled haploid production in European winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by combining in vitro androgenesis and breeding techniques 945 - 1000 Galina E. TITOVA Algorythms of embryo morphogenesis in Agapanthus praecox (Alliaceae) at mono-, dicotyly and transition forms 1000 - 1030 Coffee Break

Session 10

Male Sterility and Stress Effect

Chairman: Ivan SHAMROV

1030 - 1100 Vipen K. SAWHNEY, Martin Fellner

Male sterility and abiotic stress resistance in a tomato mutant 1100 - 1115 Shafiq REHMAN, Michael Trevor Smith Cytoplasmic sterile versus fertile pollen: Morphological and ultrastructural studies of Eucalyptus grandis pollen 1115 - 1130 Hyejin Yoon, Sujin Ku, and Yong-Yoon CHUNG Male-sterility of thermosensitive genic male-sterile rice is associated with premature programmed cell death of tapetum 1130 - 1145 Maria Charzy?ska, Joanna LE?NIEWSKA Reorganization of the cell compartments during programmed cell death of the secretory tapetum 1145 - 1200 Khalid Amari, Vicente Pallás, M. Amelia SÁNCHEZ-PINA Distribution pattern of the main viral infections in apricot gametes and seeds 1200 - 1215 Etan PRESSMAN, Dan Harel, Rachel Shaked, Nurit Firon, Eli Zamski The response of tomato pollen grains to high temperatures: changes in carbohydrates level and metabolism 1215 - 1230 Juan de Dios Alché, Mohammed M’Rani, Antonio Jesús Castro, María Isabel RODRÍGUEZ-GARCÍA Olive (Olea europaea L.) pollen major allergen (Ole e 1) is de novo synthesised and secreted to the medium during in vitro pollen germination 1230 - 1245 Anna MAZZITELLI Pollen allergens and pollinosis ************ Lunch

Session 11


Chairman: Vipen K. SAWHNEY

1500 - 1530 Matthew Tucker, Ana Claudia Araujo, Anna KOLTUNOW

FIS Polycomb-Group gene expression during apomictic and sexual reproduction in Hieracium 1530 - 1545 Stanislav MALETSKII Inheritance in apozygotic plants 1545 - 1600 Margaret A. WHEELER, L. Slade Lee and Robert J. Henry Reproductive biology and genetic diversity of Potaophila parviflora 1600 - 1615 Kitty VIJVERBERG, Peter J. Van Dijk The genetic basis of diplospory in Taraxacum (common dandelion; Asteraceae) 1615 - 1645 Coffee Break

Session 12


Chairman: Anna KOLTUNOW

1645 - 1700 Sergey BATURIN, Natalia Sukhareva

Genetical variability in apomictical offsprings of Fragaria 1700 - 1715 Gianni BARCACCIA, Serena Varotto, Emidio Albertini, Paolo Parrini, Margherita Lucchin MOB (Mps one binder), a multi-gene family that may sheds light on apomeiosis in alfalfa mutants 1715 - 1730 Evgenii V. LEVITES New approach to classification of the reproduction modes in plants 1730 - 1745 Elisabeth MATTHYS-ROCHON – Personal Address to the Participants

1745 - 1800 Coffee Break

1800 - 1900 Poster Session 2

1900 - 2000 Closing ceremonies – President IASPRR Prof. Vipen K. SAWHNEY

2000 Dinner

Saturday, July 13

900 - 2000 One - day excursion