14th International Congress of Sexual Plant Reproduction Lorne, Australia 1996


Sunday, February 18

1100 Registration Desk opens at Cumberland Resort


Prof M Cresti (Italy) President IASPRR
Prof RB Knox (Australia) Immediate Past President, IASPRR

1400-1415 Official Welcome by President, Members of the Board of IASPRR and Congress Organisers

1415-1430 Official Opening of 14th Congress

Representative of Premier of Victoria: Hon. WD McGrath MLA, Minister for Agriculture
Representative of Surf Shire Council

1430-1450 Organisation of plant science in Australia Prof Adrienne Clarke, Chairman, CSIRO

1450-1520 Impact of plant reproduction on biotechnology in Australia

1450-1505 Dr Eric Huttner, Group Limagrain Pacific Pty Ltd., Canberra, ACT
1505-1520 Prof Robert D Teasdale, ForBio Research Pty Ltd., Indooroopilly, Qld


Plant Reproduction Towards 2000

Chairpersons: M Cresti (Italy) and RB Knox (Australia)

1600-1630 The cytoskeleton and organelle motility in pollen tubes M. Cresti (Italy)
1630-1700 Role of the cytoskeleton in determining the development and nutritional quality of maize endosperm BA Larkins (USA)
1700-1730 Double fertilization: facts and fiction WA Jensen (USA)


For all registrants

Monday, February 19

0800 Registration Desk opens

0830- 1100 CONGRESS SESSION 2.


Chairpersons: FC Franklin (UK) and AE Clarke (Australia)

0830-0855 Cellular recognition and identity in the sexual tissues of flowering plants AE Clarke (Australia)
0855-0920 A mutational analysis of self-incompatibility in Nicotiana alata E Newbigin (Australia)
0920-0945 Functional analysis of mutant S-proteins of Papaver rhoeas FCH Franklin (UK)
0945-1010 The self-incompatibility genes of the grasses P Langridge (Australia).
1010-1035 Consideration on the evolution of self-incompatibility system in Brassica M Watanabe (Japan)
1035-1100 Tea/coffee break


Flowering Genes

Chairpersons: H Saedler (Germany) and E Dennis (Australia)

1100-1125 Molecular aspects of flower induction and development: isolation of a new class of control genes: Sbp (A.majus) and Spl (A. thaliana) H Saedler (Germany)
1125-1150 THE FORBIO RESEARCH LECTURE: Genetic redundancy and the specification of floral fate M Yanovsky (USA)
1150-1215 MADS-box genes in maize flower development: effect of transposon-induced mutations R Schmidt (USA)
1215-1240 Vernalization and the initiation of flowering ES Dennis (Australia)
1240-1305 Flowering events prior to floral organogenesis RW King (Australia)
1305-1320 Flowering responses to altered expression of phytochrome in mutants and transgenic lines of Arabidopsis thaliana DJ Bagnall (Australia)
1320-1335 Involvement of gibberellin in vernalization and flowering of Arabidopsis CC Sheldon (Australia)
1310 Lunch break


Pollen-Stigma Interactions

Chairpersons: MTM Willemse (The Netherlands) and B McClure (USA)

1530-1555 Pollination and micropylar penetration in vivo and in vitro in Gasteria and Lilium MTM Willemse (The Netherlands)
1555-1615 A family of small pollen-borne proteins isolated from self-incompatible Brassica oleracea and self-compatible B. napus bind stigmatic S-locus and S-locus related glycoproteins. J Doughty (UK)
1615-1630 Synthesis and phosphorylation of pollen proteins during the pollen-stigma interaction in Brassica S Hiscock (UK)
1630-1645 The relationship between interspecific cross compatibility and self-incompatibility in Nicotiana B McClure (USA)
1645-1700 Transfer of chromosome segments affecting breeding barriers in Lycopersicon (tomato) R Bernatzky (USA)
1700-1730 Tea/coffee break
1730-1755 Parallel development of somatic and sexual embryos TB Batygina (Russia)
1755-1810 Receptivity and self-incompatibility in Lilium hybrid 'Enchantment': influence of the age of pistils on seed-sets Y Niimi (Japan)
1810-1825 Self-incompatibility in stone fruits J Nyeki (Hungary)
1825-1840 Ovarian incompatibility in the primitive angiosperm, Pseudowintera axillaris TL Sage (Canada)
1840-1855 Post-fertilization events in Brassica napus ovules grown in vivo and in vitro AAM van Lammeren (The Netherlands)
1855-1915 Development of the embryonic shoot apex - a three-dimensional reconstruction GE Titova (Russia)


Structural and evolutionary biology of pollination

Chairpersons: DL Marshall (USA) and E G Heij (Australia)

1530-1555 Can non-random mating result in evolutionary change: selection on a male mating character of wild radish. DL Marshall (USA)
1555-1620 Hydrophilous pollination and breeding system evolution in seagrasses: a phylogeny PA Cox (USA)
1620-1640 Floral biology in terrestrial orchids MS Pais (Portugal)
1640-1700 Functional syncarpy in a primitive apocarpous flower: clues to evolution of fertilisation pathway E G Heij (Australia)
1700-1730 Tea/coffee break
1730-1755 The evolution of spore development in pteridophytes S Blackmore (UK)
1755-1810 Cryo-SEM of delicate plant reproductive structures S Craig (Australia)
1810-1830 Ultrastructure of birch (Betula pendula) pollen grains and tapetum after freeze substitution G El-Ghazaly (Sweden)
1830-1845 Reproductive biology and horticultural development ofPandorea species (Bignoniaceae) EA James (Australia)
1845-1900 Dioecism and polyploidy in Actinidia MA McNeilage (New Zealand)
1900-1915 Morphophysiological peculiarities of endosperm development in dichogamous English walnut genotypes M. Pyntea (Moldavia)

Tuesday, February 20

0800 Registration Desk opens


Pistil Genes and Proteins

Chairpersons: C Mariani (The Netherlands) and A Bacic (Australia)

0830-0855 Pistil-specific genes: the pathway for pollen tube growth C Mariani (The Netherlands)
0855-0920 Gynoeceum specific gene expression in sexual and parthenogenetic wheat lines H Baumlein (Germany)
0920-0940 Pollination induced gene expression JE Gray (UK)
0940-1000 Hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins of the extracellular matrix of styles of Nicotiana alata A Bacic(Australia)
1000-1020 Defence-related molecules in the pistil of Nicotiana alata MA Anderson (Australia)
1020-1040 -glucan endo- and exo-hydrolases in plant growth and development GB Fincher (Australia)
1040-1100 A tobacco pistil predominant expressed gene encodes a polyphenol oxidase MH Goldman (Brazil)
1100-1130 Tea/coffee break


Pollen Genes

Chairpersons: J Mascarenhas (USA) and M Sari-Gorla (Italy)

1130-1155 Pollen-expressed genes: their functions in male gametophyte development J Mascarenhas (USA)
1155-1220 Expression of pollen specific genes during pollen development and pollen tube growth in Nicotiana tabacum GJ Wullems (The Netherlands)
1220-1245 Stage-specific genes in the male gametophyte of maize M Sari-Gorla (Italy)
1245-1305 The identification of genes regulating anther histodifferentiation R Scott (UK)
1305-1330 Transcriptional and translational control of pollen gene expression D Twell (UK)
1330 Lunch break


Pollen maturation and adhesion genes

Chairpersons: ME Nasrallah (USA) and D Murphy (UK)

1530-1555 Biosynthesis and function of intra- and extra-cellular lipids and oleosin-like proteins in the pollen of Brassicaceae D Murphy (UK)
1555-1610 A large class of oleosin-like genes is expressed in the anther of Brassica napus, and protein products are located in the tryphine of mature pollen. JHE Ross (UK)
1610-1635 Pollen adhesion: is the pollen coat tryphine necessary and sufficient in Brassica? ME Nasrallah (USA)
1635-1700 Characterization of genes encoding pollen coat and pistil proteins with putative functions in pollination and pollen tube growth. J Schrauwen (The Netherlands)
1700-1730 Tea/coffee break
1730-1755 Pex proteins:hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins in the pollen tube wall PA Bedinger (USA)
1755-1815 Molecular aspects of desiccation tolerance in grasses JD Hamill (Australia)
1815-1830 Promoter analysis of Ory s 1, a gene controlling the major allergen of rice pollen P Bhalla (Australia)


Breeding systems and applications in agriculture and horticulture

Chairpersons: KR Shivanna (India) and M Sedgley (Australia)

1530-1555 Breeding systems of Banksia and cultivar development for cut flower production M Sedgley (Australia)
1555-1620 Extracts from past and recent research on the reproductive biology of mangoes, lychees and avocados PJ Robbertse (South Africa)
1620-1640 Improvement of oilseed Brassicas through wide hybridization KR Shivanna (India)
1640-1700 Somatic embryogenesis, somatic hybridization and genetic transformation in pasture grasses G Spangenberg (Australia)
1700-1730 Tea/coffee break
1730-1755 Biotechnology in reproductive biology of cereals B Barnabas (Hungary)
1755-1820 Reproduction of flax in situ and in vitro AM Pretova (Slovak Republic)
1820-1840 Use of isozymes and molecular markers in reproductive biology research of tree crops V Vithanage (Australia)
1840-1900 Pollinating efficiency of honeybees on apple cultivars as affected by their flower characteristics P Benedek (Hungary)
1900-1920 Using reproductive biology to regulate yields in tropical orchards C McConchie (Australia)

Wednesday, February 21

0800 Registration Desk opens


Genetic Analysis of Reproduction in Arabidopsis

Chairpersons: R Pruitt (USA) and WJ Peacock (Australia)

0830-0855 Genetic analysis of reproduction in Arabidopsis R Pruitt (USA)
0855-0920 Genes controlling carpel development in Arabidopsis D R Smyth (Australia)
0920-0945 Genetic analysis of ovule morphogenesis C Gasser (USA)
0945-1010 Genetic analysis of ontogenetic fusion in Arabidopsis SJ Lolle (USA)
1010-1035 Analysis of Arabidopsis ovule and gametophyte by enhancer detection U Grossniklaus (Germany)
1035-1100 Tea/coffee break
1100-1115 Floral homeotic-like transformations in plants with reduced DNA methylation EJ Finnegan (Australia)
1115-1140 Genes important in ovule development and floral initiation in Arabidopsis. A Ray (USA)
1140-1205 Fertilization independent seed development in Arabidopsis thaliana AM Chaudhury (Australia)
1205-1230 Apomixis in Hieracium AM Koltunow (Australia)
1230-1250 Artificial tRNA-mediated suppression of nonsense codons in transgenic Arabidopsis AS Betzner (Australia)
1250-1310 Two novel myb-related genes fromArabidopsis thaliana expressed in developing anthers and seeds RW Parish (Australia)


Control of pollen tube growth

Chairpersons: BA Palevitz (USA) and M Steer (Ireland)

1530-1555 The generative cell cytoskeleton: role of microtubule-associated proteins BA Palevitz (USA)
1555-1620 Does recent research provide an understanding of the mechanism of pollen tube tip growth? M Steer (Ireland)
1620-1645 Intraovarian control of pollen tube growth M Herrero (Spain)
1645-1700 Preparation of pollen tubes for cytoskeletal protein localisation FP Doris (Ireland)
1705-1730 Tea/coffee break
1730-1750 Deposition of callose: the main metabolic preoccupation of the male gametophyte SM Read (Australia)
1750-1805 Enforced growth-rate fluctuation causes pectin ring formation in pollen tube wall YQ Li (Italy)
1805-1820 Everything you always wanted to know about pulsating pollen tubes but were afraid to ask A Geitmann (Italy)
1820-1835 Localized photoactivation of biomolecules (caged probes) changes growth direction of pollen tubes R Malho (Portugal)


Pollen Allergens

Chairpersons: R Valenta (Austria) and J Rolland (Australia)

1400-1420 Why do pollens cause allergy? J Rolland (Australia)
1420-1445 Biological functions of plant allergens R. Valenta (Austria)
1445-1500 Pollen allergens in the environment B Knox (Australia)
1500-1515 Expression of recombinant grass pollen allergens in the yeast Pichia pastoris. C. Suphioglu (Australia)
1515-1530 Molecular analysis of Bermuda grass allergens P Smith (Australia)
1530-1545 Characterization of a calcium-binding pollen allergen from Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) and its cross-reactivity with an allergen from oilseed rape MB Singh (Australia)
1545-1600 Characterization of Phl p 4, a major timothy grass (Phleum pratense) pollen allergen S Fischer (Austria)
1600-1615 Molecular and immunological characterization of Ory s 1, the major allergen of rice pollen. H Xu (Australia)
1615-1630 Molecular analysis of birch pollen allergens I Swoboda (Austria)
1630-1645 Characterization of Bet v 4, a birch pollen allergen homologous to calcium-binding proteins F Ferreira (Austria)
1645-1700 cDNA cloning and expression in Escherichia coli of a novel cross- reactive blrch pollen allergen, Bet v 4 S Heiss (Austria)
1700-1730Tea/coffee break
1730-1745 Determination of the IgE epitopes of birch pollen profilin T Ball (Austria)
1745-1800 A Brassica pollen allergen is a novel Ca2+ binding protein K Toriyama (Japan)
1800-1815 Isolation and characterlzation of cDNAs codlng for cross-reactive plant allergens from a tobacco leaf library I Mittermann (Austria)
1815-1830 Assessing the potential for food and pollen allergy - impact of transgenic plants. J Astwood (USA)
1830-1845 Aspects of the nature of plant aeroallergens DW Fountain (New Zealand)


Featuring surprise speaker and entertainment and dancing to 4-piece band KOCO, with vocalists Rita Bennett and Mauro Perez

Thursday, 22 February

0800 Registration Desk opens


Genetic Engineering of Reproduction I

Chairpersons: MC Albertsen (USA) and RD Teasdale (Australia)

0830-0855 Cloned genes and mutants of male fertility in maize. MC Albertsen (USA)
0855-0920 Genetic engineering of reproductive sterility in forest trees: cloning and expression of three floral homeotic genes from Populus S Strauss (USA)
0920-0945 Genic male sterility : physiological basis and use in hybrid seed production VK Sawhney (Canada)
0945-1010 Genetic engineering of trees for reproductive incompetence RD Teasdale (Australia)
1010-1035 Effects of stresses on pollen fertility of crops A Souvre (France)
1035-1100 Tea/coffee break


Gametes and Fertilisation I

Chairpersons: I Tanaka (Japan) and WA Jensen (USA)

1100-1125 Fertilization in the nonflowering seed plants Ephedra and Gnetum: implications for the evolution of double fertilization and endosperm WE Friedman (USA)
1125-1150 Cell surface biology of male gametes of Plumbago zeylanica. SD Russell (USA)
1150-1215 Cellular and molecular aspects of generative and vegetative cell differentiation in Lilium longiflorum I Tanaka (Japan)
1215-1240 In vitro fertilization and early embryogenesis in flowering plants: interests and limits. E Matthys-Rochon (France)
1240-1305 In v/tro fertilisation with angiosperm gametes E Kranz (Germany)



Gametes and Fertilisation II

Chairpersons: E Matthys-Rochon (France) and E Kranz (Germany)

1530-1555 Gene isolation from egg cells and in vitro produced zygotes of maize T. Dresselhaus (Germany)
1555-1620 Freeze fracture of Plumbago sperm D Southworth (USA)
1620-1645 Microtubular changes during embryo sac development in nun orchid Phaius tankervilliae SY Zee (Hong Kong)
1645-1700 Changes of amyloplast DNA content in cotyledon cell of Nelumbo nucifera DL Sun (China)


Genetic Engineering of Reproduction II

Chairpersons: F Hoekstra (The Netherlands) and M Hesse (Austria)

1530-1555 Mechanisms of pollen storage longevity F Hoekstra (The Netherlands)
1555-1620 Microspores as targets for transformation and selection A Touraev (Austria)
1620-1645 Ultrastructural criteria of microspore and tapetum in male sterile Rosmarinus M Hesse (Austria)
1645-1700 Description and cloning of a male sterile mutant of Arabidopsis JA Glover (Australia)
1700-1730 Tea/coffee break
1730-1745 No sex please - engineering reproductive sterility in temperate Australian eucalypts R Harcourt (Australia)
1745-1805 Male sterility in Oenothera I Noher de Halac (Argentina)
1805-1825 Synthesis of alloplasmic male sterile lines of Brassica juncea through protoplast fusion and their improvement PB Kirti (India)


Open to all registrants, includes Presentation of Awards.

Friday, 23 February

0800, 0900, 1000h Buses leave Cumberland Resort for return trip to Melbourne (Tullamarine Airport or Hotel Ibis, City). Advance reservations can be made at Registration Desk. The journey time is 2h to 2h 15 min.

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