Awards Presented at the 14th International Congress

The board decided by acclamation to award an IASPRR medal to both the best presentation and to the best poster, because of the high number and the quality of the posters.

The awards were presented on behalf of the organizing committee by Prof. Linskens.

Special Lecture Award

On behalf of the ForBio Research Institute, Prof.R.B. Teasdale handed over a cheque for the ForBio Lecture to Dr. M. Yanovsky for his lecture "Genetic redundancy and the specification of floral fate".

Travel Grants

Travel awards were presented to the following 5 local scientists for their excellent posters:

  1. A26 Changes in gene expression following long day floral induction in Lolium temulentum. G.W.F. Gocal and R.W. King (Australia)
  2. B26 Embryogenesis and seed germination of Nerine. N.R. Brown, J.R. Gorst and R.K. Gowden (Australia)
  3. C22 Extending yields in Macadamia using reproductive biology. N.M. Meyers and C.A. McConchie (Australia)
  4. C8 A study of kiwifruit, Actinidia deliciosa cv. "Hayward" pollination in Australia. D. Howpage, R. Spooner-Hart, V. Vithanage (Australia)
  5. C47 Flower biology, breeding system and seed production of New Zealand pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa). Gabriele Schmid, T. Adam (Australia)

For overseas scientists, 3 travel grants were awarded for their excellent posters:

  1. A25 Pistil-specific extensin-like proteins in tobacco: directly or indirectly involved in pollen-pistil interactions? B. de Graaf and C. Mariani
  2. B21 Characterization of Brassica pollen allergens genes encoding novel Ca2+ binding proteins. T. Okada, N. Onozuka, K. Toriyama and K. Hinata (Japan)
  3. C9 Conical-papillate cells in the petal epidermis are produced by the same developmental pathway as are trichomes, and play an important role in attracting pollinators. B.J. Glover & C. Martin (Great Britain)


The IASPRR medals were awarded to: