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Information and Agenda for General Assembly

20th of May 2022


Dear IASPRR members,

At the upcoming General Assembly of the International Association of Sexual Plant Reproduction Research, revisions and amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws will be presented and moved for adoption. Please, log in to see and download the following documents in your member area:

- Constitution_IASPRR Revision Substantive changes highlighted

- Constitution_IASPRR Revision Track-changes

The revisions include both minor and major changes. Among the substantive changes you will find the following:

  • Establishment of a Student Membership (existed in the fee structure, but not in the Constitution).
  • A revised definition of quorum for General Assembly.
  • Establishment of several awards including Terms of Reference (two awards existed de facto, but without terms of reference; two additional awards are proposed)

Please consult the posted documents ahead of the IASPRR General Assembly which will be held on Thursday June 23rd at the 26th International Conference on Sexual Plant Reproduction (ICSPR2022, June 20-24, 2022, Hotel Pyramida, Prague, Czech Republic

Any comments, corrections or friendly amendments should be sent to:

IASPRR President Anja Geitmann ( by June 17, 2022.


IASPRR General Assembly Agenda


1. Welcome (Anja Geitmann)

2. Approval of agenda (Geitmann)

3. Approval of minutes of the General Assembly held on June 15, 2018, Gifu (Geitmann)

4. Report on the 26th ICSPR (Local organizers)

5. Election of IASPRR Board (Anja Geitmann)

6. Website & Newsletter (PRNL; Daphne Goring)

7. Journal Plant Reproduction (Dolf Weijers)

8. Treasurer’s Report and Membership Statistics (Stefanie Sprunck)

9.  Motion for revision of Constitution and By-Laws including Terms of Reference for awards (Anja Geitmann)

10.  Next ICSPR Conference (Anja Geitmann)

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