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All the past congresses, workshops and events announced in the "News" section will be stored here for a maximum period of 1 year after its celebration. 


Advances in Plant Reproduction – from Gametes to Seeds

June 30 - July 1, 2018, at Florence (Italy)

Meeting Background

Understanding the factors regulating sexual plant reproduction is a complex biological process and currently an essential need to improve agricultural productivity. This plant satellite meeting – Advances in plant reproduction – is the result of the demanding investment efforts made in the last years, by the plant reproduction scientific community, in understanding the basis of reproductive traits and its relationship with the plant phenotypic plasticity. 

The meeting will aim to gather enthusiastic experienced researchers, PhD students, early career researchers and academics within the fields of plant reproduction and development, but is also intended for plant reproduction publishers, companies and stakeholders that will be able to disseminate this new shared knowledge worldwide.

Organizing Committee

  • Sílvia Coimbra (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • Ana Lúcia Lopes (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • Ana Marta Pereira (University of Milan, Italy)


Website: http://www.sebiology.org/events/event/advances-in-plant-reproduction


Registration is now open!




EMBO Workshop

New shores in land plant evolution

June 20 - June 23, 2018, at Lisbon, Portugal

How plants conquered land remains very poorly understood. From comparison between genomes of the filamentous alga Klebsormidium and genomes from bryophytes represented by the model species Physcomitrella and Marchantia it emerges that bryophytes were instrumental in the conquest of the land. Yet additional ongoing genome projects are still required from algal ancestors and a larger spectrum of bryophytes to understand the major events that enabled the transition from a blue (the reign of algae) to a green (the reign of land plants) planet Earth.

This EMBO workshop will focus on the development and dissemination of resources for a growing community of researchers interested in this topic. It will include not only new development in research in bryophytes but also seminal studies in orphan groups of land plants’ ancestors such a characeans, zygnemataceans and more ancestral species of unicellular algae.

Broad aspects including Phylogeny, Genomics, Development, Physiology, Cell Biology and Ecology will be covered.


Registration is now open!



Organized by:

Jörg Becker
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, PT

Fred Berger
Gregor Mendel Institute, AT


Conference - 25th ICSPR (International Conference on Sexual Plant Reproduction) - Plant Reproduction 2018

June 11-16, 2018, at Gifu (Japan)

Meeting Background

ICSPR conferences are organized every two years by the IASPRR society. After very successful meetings in Porto in 2014 and Tucson in 2016, the conference will take place in 2018 in Gifu, a city close to Nagoya and Kyoto in Japan. Locations of IASPRR conferences are in 6-year-rotation; Europe, North and South America, and Asia-Oceania. This is the first meeting in Japan. 

The meeting aims to bring together labs of all areas in plant reproduction research and include topics from flowering towards seed and fruit development including evolutionary aspects

Organizing Committee

  • Tetsu Kinoshita (Yokohama City Univ.), Chair
  • Tetsuya Higashiyama (Nagoya Univ.)
  • Toshiro Ito (Nara Inst. Sci. Tech.)
  • Anna Koltunow (CSIRO, Australia)
  • Ken-ichi Nonomura (Natl. Inst. Genetics)
  • Minako Ueda (Nagoya Univ.)
  • Wei-Cai Yang (CAS Beijing, China)


Website: http://forum.nacos.com/icspr2018/index.html​


Satellite symposium at ITbM, Nagoya University: www.iasprr.org/index.php?browse=news&nid=50


Early registration is now open until March 15!

Abstracts submitted until March 15 will be considered for oral presentation. 



Satellite Symposium at ITbM, Nagoya University -Frontiers and Future of Plant Reproduction Research-

June 10-11, 2018, at ITbM and ES Hall, Nagoya University (Japan)

Meeting Background

This symposium entitled “Frontiers & Future of Plant Reproduction Research” has three main purposes. The first purpose is to show a part of active researches of our society to non-members. The second purpose is education of younger generations. Therefore, invited speakers will talk both recent topics and big remaining questions. Winners for Travel Award grant for IASPRR members will also be invited to the poster session. The third purpose of this symposium is to introduce Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM) of Nagoya University to IASPRR members. ITbM is for true mixture of biologists and synthetic chemists, and plant reproduction research is one of main subjects of ITbM. You will enjoy seeing unique mix-labs and mix-offices as well as cutting-edge Live-Imaging Center. We will finish the symposium at 16:00 to move to the 25th ICSPR at Gifu, which is close to Nagoya.


Invited Speakers:

Alice Cheung

Anna Koltunow
Anja Geitmann

Arp Schnittger

Dolf Weijers

José Feijó

Mark Johnson

Rita Groß-Hardt

Stefanie Sprunck




Tetsuya Higashiyama

(President of IASPRR and Vice-Director of ITbM)

No registration is required. See the FLYER for more details.

The map is HERE.

The access to Nagoya University is as follows:



Detailed program of presentations is HERE.



III. International Symposium:
Genetic Variation of Flowering Time Genes and Applications for Crop Improvement

March 14 - March 16, 2018, Kiel, Germany 

The timing of flowering relies on a complex network of genetic and regulatory pathways and the integration of a variety of environmental cues. In the past years we have gained increasing knowledge of flowering time regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana and numerous crop species. Flowering time regulators are important for crop plant domestication and adaptation to different environments. Their pleiotropic effects can impact important traits such as yield and stress tolerance. Moreover, the phenological development of a plant can be drastically altered by mutation and genetic modification of major flowering time regulators.


Keynote Speakers:

Rishikesh P. Bhalerao, Sweden

Seth Davis, UK

Andrea Eveland, USA

Takeshi Izawa, Japan

Zachary Lippman, USA

Elliot Meyerowitz, USA

Ben Trevaskis, Australia


Gene expression networks and signaling pathways
Flowering time regulation in perennials
Flowering time genes and application for crop improvement
Integration of endogenous and environmental factors


Scientific Committee: Christian Jung (Kiel), Ivo Große (Halle), Klaus Pillen (Halle), Maria von Korff Schmising (Cologne), Dorothee Staiger (Bielefeld)
Organizing Committee: Christian Jung (c.jung@plantbreeding.uni-kiel.de), Nadine Höft (n.hoeft@plantbreeding.uni-kiel.de), Plant Breeding Institute, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel
Conference Venue: Wissenschaftszentrum, Frauenhofer Straße 13, D-24118 Kiel, Germany

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